Carburetor Rebuilding

We like to do a full disassemble  and clean.  First we scrub in our parts washer and then they go into our heated ultra sonic cleaner. Using a secret blend of aviation aluminum cleaner.  we also offer Vapour Blasting with a ultra fine glass bead.

Carb Rebuild - $75 per carb

Vapour Blasting -  add $10 per carb

Carb kits and parts are extra

Vacuum sync $40

IF they are on bike add 1hr for removal and install

Mail in Carb Rebuilding

Send us your carburetors and we will send you a formal quote.  Updated pics.  How we repair your carbs. Full disassemble. Clean in the parts cleaner. Ultra sonic cleaner, heated with aviation cleaner.  Vapour blasting, yes we have a vapour blaster. Final rinse and assembly.  We have a huge stock of used honda four carbs and are able to pull parts from. Sometimes a bowl is fowels or a body damaged. We can replace overflow tubes and manufacture our own sync plates for the cb500/550.  For the gl carbs we make our own felt seals for the shafts.