Carb Rebuild Kit. Contains: Float Bowl Gasket, Carb Top Gasket, D313 Slide Needle, Main Jet (#105, Stock type for 1977-78F models), Main Jet #110, Stock type for 1978K model), Float Needle, Air Spring, Air Screw Plug, E-Clip, Air Fuel Screw (1978F Type), Air Fuel Screw (1977-78K Type), Needle Jet, Metal Washer, 6 O-Rings. - Made in Japan -

Fits: Honda CB750K (1978),
CB750F (1977-78) Supersport

Note: Each Kit Rebuilds One Carb, Order the Quantity of Kits you Require
Part #: 48-1737

CB750 ( 1977-1978 ) Carburetor Kit

SKU : 48-1737