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             Ox Motorcycles was founded in 2015 by   garage builders that share a passion for the vintage motorcycle. 


Family, Dogs and motorcycles.



PHOTO: CHLOE (AGE 4) AND NOVA (AGE 3)> Ox Motorcycle's creative design team. 



         Here at Ox Motorcycles we want to support the garage builder in everyone. Be it through parts, service or community building, Ox would like to see a day when half-finished vintage bikes are no longer sold on kijiji just because the builder got stuck on something technical. Ox does restoration and customization of old bikes. We do custom build work that ranges from carb work to bottom-up restorations, and we develop badass custom machined parts that are available in our online store.



          We work mainly on pre 1980  Japanese and British motorcycles. Our specialty is Honda fours. If you’re on this site then you’re probably no stranger to the appeal of a good 70’s Honda build, heck you might even have one waiting in your shed right now. 





          For fun we do our own custom builds, like "Blue" from the BuildBlog. We also take bookings for private builds. It’s like buying a completely restored motorcycle, only you’re in charge of the performance and design choices. Tires, tank, paint, seat, and custom parts like the Tach & Speedo Drop-Down Kits. Contact us here for more info.



            We can take your mushroom-growing barn-find and replace every bit of wear and tear: rubber and seal, bearing and bushing, piston, bore and hone, valves, chains, electrical and you name it. We will get it mechanically sound and ready for your sculpting.



             Say you’ve been tinkering away on a beauty of a project for a few seasons now, you know how to do all fun bits like setting the cam-chain tensioner, ignition timing and valve clearances, maybe you’ve even sorted out the electrical gremlins and you have a closet full of new parts, but you’ve got one big problem. The bike doesn’t run. It won’t fire. There’s gas, there’s spark, there’s a whole lot of FTW?Ox can help with that. Bring it in and we will run it through our diagnostics, or email us and we can try and help that way. We can fix it or you can take home some new parts and do it on your own. To make sure more old bikes stay out of the scrapheap, if you find yourself at a stage that you don’t feel comfortable with, like rebuilding the top-end, lapping the valves, maybe boring the jugs with new pistons and rings? Bring the motor in and we can professionally finish it for you.



             If you are an 'olde sage' when it comes to wrenching vintage motorcycles, and you don’t mind sharing your hard-earned wisdom with a few new-to-it’s, please sign up to be one of our highly honoured “Wise Wrenches”. Sign up here and give a brief description of the vintage bikes you know well.



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